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Landlord Certification Leeds

Every Landlord that rents out property in the UK are required by law to have their property Electrically Inspected and Certified. This should only be carried out by an accredited, competent person, such as a registered electrician. At SS Electrical we have provided Periodic Electrical Inspection Certificates for landlords for many years.

The purpose of the Landlord Certification is to reveal if any equipment or existing circuits are overloaded and safe. The Inspection will also determine if there is any potential electric shock risks and fore hazards. Another main reason for Landlords required to have their properties Electrical Circuits and Equipment inspected is to ensure there is no defective electrical work or lack of adequate earthing and bonding.

As most Housing Authorities, Councils and Estate Agents will only accept Electrical Certificates that are signed off by a qualified electrician or contractor we frequently work with many of the aforementioned bodies.

If you’re a Landlord, Estate Agent or work for a Council or Housing Association and would like more information on our rates and availability, contact Steve on 07749 399665 for a free no obligation quote or fill out our Contact Form.

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